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Moving forward ASEAN sustainability is not only aiming for an equality of human rights, or sharing a good governance of politics and economics; but also focusing on exchanging and sharing promotion among ASEAN each and every member countries’ history and culture.
Thus, will truly strengthen and build solid ASEAN communities. Recognizing our own roots bring together pride and cultural-intellectual’s heritage, thus playing a main role in sustaining ASEAN’s identity of great farming society; the way of life that becomes a significant world’s rice barn. “Power of Media” will link ASEAN community and the world at large as one. This role is to support learning and valuing their different cultures, including peace building and developing ASEAN’s sustainability thru the one, and only world’s one- cultural-intellectual’s heritage of no other similar.

Thai Media Fund as a Project Supporter

Thai Media Fund’s Role and Obligation

An announcement of Thai Media fund Act, 2558 B.E. issues in the Government Gazette, which has been in effective since March 27, 2015. The Transitory Provision specifies that the Thai Media Fund (TMF) implements its work under the control of Ministry of Culture.    The TMF is legal entity have the following role and obligations


  • Campaign, support and stabilize the development of safety and creative media.
  • Promote and support for potential development of safety and creative media.
  • Promote and support for skill development and an awareness of un-safety and non-creative media for youth and family.
  • Promote and support participation of social community’s population in a broad range; in order to develop safety and creative media.
  • Promote for research, training and development of knowledge and innovation in the area of safety and creative media.
  • Promote an individual person community organization, NGO, public organization, government organization and state-enterprise, or other government that regulate and develop of media fo development of safely and creative media.
  • Implement to promote safety and creative media that the entire public can be access and utilize.

MEDIA Empowerment Promoting ASEAN WISDOM

The First Co-documentary production
Connecting ASEAN Community and People around the World

An only and the first phenomenon when the ASEAN media production and invited media alliance countries of Asian region are joining their forces to an empowerment of international documentary Co-production. This aims to share a creative media production of world’s friendly via animated documentary media. Small community from 12 countries of Asian region have strengthened their capacity to deliver the friendly content to the world with the storytelling of their local wisdom.



“The root of Thai society and ASEAN community are multi social society and multicultural society. It is a society that comprises variety of social mixture which has been long integrated in the past. Therefore, the different is not a conflict, not a separated society. It is therefore an identity and a vibrant of ASEAN’s charm..."

Teeraparb Lohitkun
Project Consultant

“Why is animation so important? Because animation truly taps into human imagination in a way that no other medium can. It can make difficult things easier to understand..."

Kompin Kemgumnird
Animation Supervisor-Project Consultant

“Today’s people are empowered with media like never before. With so much mass-media how do you deliver a good story to the public? Media empowerment is essential for the society with the mission in create and produce the good story and quality production..."

Sam Forkner
Film Director and Independent Producer

“To make a better world is depending on how we use the media and make its impact to the society. Creating the friendly content becomes more important, it is not only the right tools and platform, but also strengthening
the multi-stakeholders to make it happen..."

Paisin Tontrakulsuk
Project Director, ASEAN WISDOM MEDIA



Coming up EVENT

Held in Thailand on 8-12 Oct. 2019

The First ASEAN and ASIAN Networks Co-production Workshop 


Tentative Agenda



Pre-meeting and arrival welcoming at the evening


Opening Ceremony

  • Welcome Remarks “Media Empowerment Towards ASEAN ISSUES”
  • Visiting ASEAN and ASIAN Storytelling Mini Exhibition
  • Press Interview

WS Session 1

  • “Recap Session with a brief of project objectives & goals and the agenda”
  • “How to Create a Good and Charming Storytelling of Cultural Identities through the Documentary”


WS Session 2

  • “Introduction of Co-production 12 Countries with Show Case Studies and its Format and Manual”

Official Welcoming Reception at the Riverside (Evening Cocktail)


Morning WS Session 3

“Create Meaningful Documentary Storytelling and Aesthetic Cinematography”


Afternoon WS Session 4

“Use Animation to Bring Nonfiction Stories to Life”


Closing WS Session 5

  • “Recap Session with 12 Countries 1 Vision”
  • Q&A / Discussion / Suggestion

Half-day Cultural Excursion at Arts of the Kingdom, Ayutthaya Province






Online Registration (By invitation only)

Accompanied Spouse

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Excursion Programme on 11 October, 2019

We cordially invite you to explore our Arts of Kingdom Exhiblition at
the Support Foundation Project, Bang Pa-In, Ayutthaya Province, where supported by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Mother of King Rama X.

She has supported the creative talents of the Thai people and promoted the kingdom's rich cultural heritage, Therefore, she established the SUPPORT Foundation in 1976 to preserve and develop Thailand's traditional arts and crafts. The Foundation also trains new generations of artisans so that age-old skills are not lost. Some 23 different types of crafts are supported by the Foundation and true masterpieces created in the Workshops are displayed in the Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall. So you can see amazing woodcarvings, examples of basket and enamel work, sumptuous gold and silverware, jewellery  embroidery work and exquisite nielloware, beetle wing decorations, textiles and inlays.


Excursion Online Registration

If any inquiry, please contact